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STOP PRESS: There are still approximately ten million anti-personnel landmines in Afghanistan - the kind that are designed to maim soldiers but which kill children, animals and other non-combatants - a dead soldier is one loss, whereas a maimed soldier is three or four losses - himself and the two or three others who must help him along ... There were some 88 landmine casualties per week in 2000, and Afghanistan is the third most densely mined country in the world. WHEN WILL THE KILLING END? IF NOT YOU, WHO? IF NOT NOW, WHEN? IF NOT HERE, WHERE?

In Support of the HALO Trust Anti-Personnel Land Mine Campaign, the work of the Halo Trust
and International Campaign to Ban Landmines and in Memory of Diana, Princess of Wales

Latest entry: Petitioner no. 4804 - Friday, 21 June 2019 - TIME: 05:42:54 - Bassam Imam - ~ 1625 Maisonneuve West #1109, Canada - COMMENT: "We must all pray to GOD. Please, beg HIM to destroy all landmines, forever, so no human being, animal, or other living organism suffers because of this horrible, monstrous invention."

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© Muris Mekic, Grade 4, courtesy of Canadian Red Cross

One wrong step has just maimed or killed a landmine victim. One click will add your name to the petition to ban all landmines. To prevent such horrific deaths and injuries to innocent men, women, children and animals was Diana's final mission.

Please don`t forget them.

We believe that a total multilateral global ban on the manufacture and sale, distribution or use of land mines of every kind, together with the drastic but necessary increase in global resources, effort and expenditure in detecting and de-mining existing land mines which continue to cause horrific deaths and injuries to innocent people in countries all over the world, would be a lasting tribute to the memory of Diana.

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© Ahgruth Tojah, Grade 8, courtesy of Canadian Red Cross

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