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Editorial services directory


   About the directory
   Composition of directory
   How to access directory
   Summary of editorial services
   Directory of editorial services
   Part I:    A - D
   Part II:  E - M
   Part III: N - Q
   Part IV: R - Z
   Part V:  Copy-editing style manual
   Part VI:  Publishing process chart
   Explanatory notes on services
   Services price list

About the directory

The A-Z directory of services includes full details of all MNE-AESOP editorial services and, where an editorial standard or style is not specified by a client, our suggested approaches to the editorial process. The directory consists of:

  • an A-Z listing of our services and
  • the MNE-AESOP copy-editing style manual
  • explanatory notes

The directory comprises:

  1. traditional paper-based book publishing services, e.g.
  2. editing,
  3. rewriting,
  4. proofreading and
  5. indexing;
  6. ancillary and supplementary services, e.g.
  7. bibliographical research,
  8. copywriting,
  9. permissions,
  10. research,
  11. data verification,
  12. thesis/dissertation editing;
  13. electronic and web-related services, e.g.
  14. disk editing
  15. scanning,
  16. tagging,
  17. html conversion,
  18. web-page creation;
  19. CD-ROM creation;
  20. commissioned texts based on briefs, ideas or tie-ins, e.g.
  21. articles,
  22. ghosting,
  23. non-fiction texts,
  24. novels,
  25. novelizations.

How to access the directory

  select a service from the Summary of editorial services
  select a service from the List of editorial services
  scroll through the A-Z Directory of editorial services
  select any key term in the Index of editorial services
  refer to our style in the Copy-editing style manual
  refer to explanatory notes on prices for individual services

Summary of editorial services

Please note: the following is a simplified list of our main editorial services. For a more detailed list of editorial sub-functions, click here for the index of MNE's editorial services

  1. Abridgement
  2. Americanization
  3. Anglicization
  4. Bibliographies and reference lists
  5. Biography of author
  6. Copywriting
  7. Drafts
  8. Editing
  9. Editing on disk
  10. Glossaries
  11. Indexing
  12. Metrication
  13. Non-fiction writing
  14. Novels, novelizations, fiction
  15. Paste-ups and camera-ready copy (crc)
  16. Permissions
  17. Pictures (illustrations)
  18. Proofreading
  19. Reports
  20. Research
  21. Reviews
  22. Rewriting
  23. Synopses
  24. Theses/dissertations
  25. Writing texts

Directory of editorial services